Hollow Body Paddle Tail

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Hollow Body Paddle Tail Swimbaits

2.5''-(4 pack)

5''-(4 pack)

6'' & 7''-(3 pack)

The Basstrix Paddle Tail Swimbait is a hollow body soft plastic swimbait that possesses an ultra-realistic appearance and swimming action. The Hollow Body Paddle Tail Swimbait was the original, first ever bait designed in this category of swimbaits. This lure changed the game of “swimbait fishing” offering a smaller bait deisgned to not only trophy hunt for big fish, but to be an amazing addition to a tournament anglers arsenal. This bait has won over a million dollars in tournament winnings on all levels including Bassmaster, FLW, and Major League Fishing. 

The profile of the bait matches a wide variety of forage fish all over the country and the color patterns afford any angler the opportunity to match the hatch in their local fishery. The Basstrix Paddle Tail Swimbait can be rigged a number of ways. When fishing open water applications most anglers prefer a swimbait head. In heavier cover or conditions that may be conducive to snags, angler's opt for a weighted belly hook for weedless applications. Recently, this bait has become a favorite for anglers using the Alabama Rig and similar Umbrella Rig lures. The Basstrix Paddle Tail Swimbait is available here in 5" (4pk) & 6" (3pk) in basstrixlureco.com exclusive color options.

 Every bait is hand made one at a time in the USA.