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Flash-Trix (8 pack)

All species of fish both freshwater and saltwater love to eat small bait fish as their main forage. The Flash-Trix perfectly mimic that forage to the most realistic level possible. We have designed very specific blends of colors to mimic the high details of multiple species of bait fish. One of the most effective characteristics of the Flash-Trix is its versatility. It can be rigged and presented in a wide variety of methods including: drop shot, finesse Carolina rigging, weightless and multiple nail weight rigging methods. 

The Flash-Trix hollow body design allows light to penetrate and refract out of the sides of the bait producing flashes of color and shine mimicking the same visual cues real baitfish give off when in the water. Don't be fooled by the size. This bait has produced giant fish all around the world and has been dubbed by many anglers as “everyones secret bait” give the Flash-Trix a try.

Proudly hand made in the USA.